Artificial greenhouse

What is the future of the artificial flower?
How can we give the artificial flower new perspective in the future?


Great News!! We are running a Digital greenhouse for artificial flowers!

We presenting Artificial Greenhouse, a research into the digital equivalent of crossing and breeding plastic flowers.

We divided our research into three subjects. You can read our articles on our website: Nature as a backdrop, Nature as a function and Nature as property.

What is the future of the artificial plant? Is a plastic flower part of nature? The artificial plant is an inanimate plastic object that mimics biological flora. Artificial plants are efficient. You don’t have to water them and they still offer the same fresh homely feeling as a plant in the room. The artificial plant is rampant in our daily environment. In addition to our living rooms, many companies and municipalities offer them accommodation. You could say that the artificial plant is an exotic. They take up space around them rampantly and oppress existing species, in this case the natural plant.

video of an artificial flower melting ‘We should adopt a rich and new lexicon in which the intermediate forms between nature and design are given a place to develop. An artificial natural world in which we create. This means that the difference between technology and nature must merge into a new domain, techno-ecology.‘ Is artificial nature the future? And what does this mean for nature in which no artificial components can be found? This video was made in collaboration with Anteye.

a.i generated artificial flowers In collaboration with we are training an a.i. model with StyleGan3. We are using a.i. to create new artificial flowers in our digital greenhouse. The first dataset exist out of 198 artificial primordial flowers we captured by making different photo’s of every flower. The model is running for a couple of months and generating new non-existing species.

artificial flower kiosk via the blockchain Tezos at Our cut flowers and new hybrid flower varieties are protected by means of certificates, passports and licenses. Or are they appropriated? How can we protect and monitor our new culture? We arrived at the controversial NFT. A non-fungible token ensures that a digital item is given a unique serial number. This will allow the item to be traced back to its owner no matter how often it is resold. During our research we spoke with @alexa_crwrs, media artist, who told us everything about how to bring an NFT to the online market as sustainably as possible.

speculating about the function of the artificial flower How could we use a.i. to add new more sustainable functions to our artificial flowers? During the Dutch Design Week we showed some objects and speculative design for an open conversation with our visitors. What would you add to an artificial flower?

Coming year we are working in our Artificial Greenhouse and develop new experiments and questions. For more information: /

In collaboration with @white_noise_dada
Artificial Greenhouse is supported by: @stimuleringsfonds & @stichtingstokroos
Programming in collaboration with
Filmproduction in collaboration with @anteye_land
Photography of the primordial artificial flowers @lloepfotografie

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