An new identity about identities

A new visual identity and website for Zwermers+Pan~//Catwalk.

If you can’t wait:

This performance group shows the versatility of an identity. And she wanted to translate this into a visual identity that fits this diversity. In the design, we let the translation take place by means of colour, typography and shape. We chose a variable font with the perfect name Archivo. The logo is programmed as a swarm on the website and visible in various guises.

In the design language of the visual identity, we opted for movement and the unfolding and changing of images. The fold is a movement in something else... “The idea that the fold is the marker of a transition from one thing to another, and therefore a dynamic place.” Gilles Deleuze, 1988, Le pli, De vouw

Their successful performance Pan~//Catwalk, in which they question assumptions, clichés and judgments with their audience, created a big archive. The archive grows with each performance that Zwermers stages. Pan~//Catwalk has also become an online archive in which images of participants in this performance are recorded and labelled. Are your assumptions and clichés correct? Who am I? Who are you? And who is the other?

It was so much fun to collaborate with Zwermers and Janine Zielman (web-development) to discuss and find ways to get the core of their work to a visualisation. The space between ‘who we want to be and who we become in the eyes of others’ is an exciting and playful thought where we should talk about more.

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