Design by Anne-Marie Geurink and Annelou van Griensven


What is the impact of filter bubbles? How can we make these bubbles accessible again for an open conversation.

As graphic anthropologists we love to reflect and write about society based topics. Visualizing and making these topics tactile contributes to a wider accessibility and is part of our designstudio.

“We have to slowly step out of carefully created filters and let each other into each other's world.” For this year's theme of Ontwerp Platform Arnhem ; MIXTAPE, we designed a new typographic shape based on bubbles. With marble techniques in which water and ink repel each other, we found a beautiful technique and design language for the posters.

MIXTAPE, an annual theme in which different people, opinions, experiences and perspectives are coming together.

#metoo#WOKE#thereisnoplanetb#blacklivesmatter#wearethe99%. They do not stand alone. To take care of 1 planet together, to form 1 community together, we have to get rid of the growing inequality. A first step to curb this growing inequality is to break or permeate the bubble. We must slowly step out of carefully created filters and allow each other into each other's living environment. A living environment where different perspectives can co-exist without dismissing the other perspective as fake, not woke or biased.

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Thank you @julieannezo and @kidnaseasy the marble experiments and developing this campagne with us. Thank you @opaarnhem for this lovely assignment and collaboration.