From Within The Architecture of Helena Arahuete

A book about organic architecture and the work and life of Helena Arahuete.

Alan Hess
Silvia Perea
Mimi Zeiger

Artez Press

By Alan Hess, Silvia Perea, Mimi Zeiger

From Within: The Architecture of Helena Arahuete is the first publication on the life and work of the Argentinian-American architect Helena Arahuete, one of the few architects in the world who still practices the original principles of Organic architecture, pioneered by Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright over a century ago. Arahuete brings this tradition into the 21st century, integrating it with the current discourse on sustainability.
Published in conjunction with a groundbreaking exhibition of Arahuete’s work and influence at the Art, Design & Architecture Museum at UC Santa Barbara, this richly illustrated book expands the scholarship on Organic architecture by illuminating Arahuete’s personal interpretation of this philosophy. The publication highlights the genuine and daring spirit that underpins Arahuete’s designs beyond the shadows of renowned architect John Lautner, her mentor and employer for more than 20 years.
Arahuete’s unwavering approach to architecture persists to this day. She is an inspiring example, especially for present and future students and architects, because of the spectacular structures that she has erected and her firm belief in the need for architects to push forward the discipline’s boundaries by moving away from fashionable tendencies.


Edited & writers

Edited by Silvia Perea, with contributions by Alan Hess, Silvia Perea and Mimi Zeiger, and an introduction by Gabriel Ritter.

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